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Updated November 12, 2002

Some of these pieces of my trivia may interest you and some may not. You may find something good to read on this page or you may find it on another page or you may not find anything of interest at all. In any event, enjoy your visit to the shop.

Who I am
Sam, SamSam the Video Man, cute redhead, corellian pirate, Spam, scumbag
I live
in my own rolling palace in the middle of Brevard County, Florida
came alive
in the dead middle of the late 60's, not too far ahead of my car
The view 
five-ten, one-ninety, blue eyes, distance viewers, 1,470-odd days worth of uncut red hair
other 1/2
is out there somewhere on my full-size map of the county
9 to 5
working in auto parts, happily forgetting more of it than some people will know know
fun fun
amateur videographer, stage & lighting tech, taper and trader, music and video, old BDR 529's

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