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Jerry Daze 2002

These souvenier badges were made available
at the Jerry Daze 2002 show. Because these
badges sold out during the show and due to
emails recieved asking for them, I have
run another batch.

Pictured below are examples
example of a musicians stage pass. a custom badge cam be made just for yourself with your name and the header such as Musician, Artist, Patron, I was There, I Had a Blast At, 4-year Veteran,etc. Just five bucks
badge issued to musicians
at Jerry Daze 2002

Regular Souveneir Patron Badge.
This is the badge you will be sent
if no custom text is specified.

What you get is pictured below.

this is an example of a finished product. Heavy laminate stock badge, nice crisp printing (much nicer than this photo shows), and heavy cord lanyard. Email your order by 7pm Friday June 7th and you can pay for it when you pick it up at the show.
email me your order and I'll reply back
with payment and shipping details.

Costs are:
Regular badge - $8.00
Custom badge - $10.00