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Updated Wednesday, November 13, 2002

older news from the shop.

The 'Crown Victoria Sound Studios' audio page is finally
up and running. It had slipped by the wayside as other
projects took precedence. There's one file available
right now but more are coming soon. Testing various
page formats and sound formats.


Added a new video to the video page. It's a cover
of a Robyn Hitchcock song, "Chinese Bones" done by
Mike Runion at this years "Jerry Daze" tribute.
Lots of hits coming in to 'localmusic', the 'Whale' videos,
and still getting good htis on JerryDaze2002 page.
Improvements will come to localmusic and video pages,
and soon there will actually be content on the audio page.
I'll try to have some .wav files but since they take
up a lot of space there won't be many for now.
MP3 files will be the order of the day for the new page.

The local music page is up and running.
Local Music is a free service to musicians
who live or play in the Central Florida
area. Just email me with the details, and
in plenty of time for the folks to see it,
and I'll post it.

Updated the current company car pic, showing
the link to localmusic. Still (slowly) working
on the improved imagemap for site navigation.
Until then the old black and white will
still serve.

In happier doings, the "Day For Java Jen"
benefit concert was very very successful.
A lot of money was raised
to help Jennifer Goldacker, former owner of
KoolBeanz Coffeehouse who has been battling
breast cancer.
Opening the concert was one of the stars
of the KoolBeanz "Home Away From Home" cd
and the singer responsible for the title track,
Dianne Runion, with Laurie Broadway, both from the group
"Cool Bus Riders". Following the opening act
was Robin Krasney of the Melbourne Beach duo
Robin and Eddy.
The star act of the show was Jennifer Daniels
and let me tell you this show was full of energy.

I recorded this show. Copies will soon be available;
I've already been asked by many.
More info soon on formats and availability, as
there are a few small details to work out.