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"Short Bus Recording Company"
video recording and archive services

I can videotape just about anything. I use a digital 8 camcorder. I can also do digital audio/video editing of your project. I can do simple pictures on CD to fully edited movies. I can render your movie for distribution on VHS cassette or MPG movie file on CD.
I'm interested in hearing what you would like to
do. Send me an email message letting me know what you want and I'll reply back with my fees. It's that simple. We are laid back and low cost around here.

examples of our work

To view these video clips you will need
Windows Media Player. Some of these video
clips work fine with version 6.4
and some work with version 7.0 and newer.
Updating your player to the latest version
should allow all the videos to play just fine.

Feel free to email us your comments on our works.


title video details in blue  video description in yellow

The Whale Song
(full song)   whale.asf   1.01mb   04:15   176x144
complete video of 'The Whale Song', the last song of the last set played at KoolBeanz Coffeehouse. It rocks.
music video of the last song of the last set played at KoolBeanz Coffeehouse's Farewell Party on 
April 6, 2002. 
The song is titled "The Whale Song" 
performed by QuickChange, featuring Billy and Mike.
All work done by Short Bus Recording Company.
The Whale Song
(12 sec clip)  whale.mpeg  2.80mb  00:12  320x240
12 second segment from MPEG2 version of the whale.wmv video 12 second segment from the above video. This piece
is rendered in .mpeg format and is shown here as a
preview of a video cd soon to be available from
All work done by Short Bus Recording Company.

Chinese Bones
(full song)   bones.wmv   2.02mb   05:14   176x144
Music video from Mike Runion's set at Jerry Daze,
June 8, 2002, Comfort Inn, Cocoa Beach.
The song is titled "Chinese Bones" by
Robyn Hitchcock.
All work done by Short Bus Recording Company.

Gary Gammon, LMT
(full clip)  garyvideo1.wmv  2.08mb  01:50  176x144
Channel 13 ("TV 13") news article on massage therapy featuring Gary Gammon, a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Orlando area.
This video clip was filmed by Channel 13. 
Digital conversion to .wmv format done by
Short Bus recording Company.

(full song)  sixteen.wmv  0.99mb  04:31  176x144
another video by QuickChange, filmed during an
open mic at Ground Zero Pub on Merritt Island.
According to QuickChange, this song is still
in the "developmental stage"

All work done by Short Bus Recording Company.


(full clip)  dreams.wmv  1.51mb  05:12  176x144
Music video from "Darla and The Rascals"
show on August 25th at Faces in Orlando.
The song is "Sweet Dreams" redone by
Marilyn Manson.
All work done by Short Bus Recording Company